2020 Season

The Closed Season Oct 19 – Mar 20

The closed season October to March is very often one of our busiest times.
This year is no exception. During this time we have had work done to remove
excess weed from the pond and introduced 50 ducks to help with continued
weed control.
Since Christmas we have had stone wall work done to the Mowhay wall, which
you will spot as you walk towards the garden from car park. This work will
continue on the capping of the  Walled Garden wall adjacent to the Flower
We have also had contractors in to carry out work on the entrance drive,
 to improve it before we open at Easter.
The very wet weather has been holding up some of the routine work in the
garden, but Danni, Elsa, Caroline and their great team of volunteers have
been working tirelessly to get the gardens in good shape for the 2020
season. We look forward to welcoming you over the next few months.


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