Garden Features

The Gardens have a wonderful collection of trees including over 100 trees of veteran age which have been recorded during a recent ancient tree hunt. We have two champion trees - a Carya tomentosa and an Osmanthus heterophyllus variegatus. We are continuing to plant new trees to replace those that have reached the end of their life or succumbed to disease. By the cafe we have a large tulip tree and a very tall Ginkgo biloba said to be the second tallest in the uk after one at Kew. We have a lovely Huon pine at the entrance to the flower garden (Lagarostrobos franklinii). Danni has done lots of work in the flower garden to restore it to its former glory. This is the main part of formal planting in what is otherwise a natural tree and shrub garden.

The ponds have had some clearing done to open them out and we have a good collection of bamboos and tree ferns as well as a patch of Gunnera. We have a project or two along the edge of the ponds namely the restoration of the water wheel and the rebuilding of the summerhouse ruins which remain at the far end of the pond. Candelabra primulas have been replanted on the pond edge as part of the restoration of the original planting.

One of the first projects undertaken by the Trust was the restoration of the summerhouse above the House and this was completed from materials on the estate and thatched to provide a lovely viewing area for the parkland. A large collection of aeoniums and subtropical plants have been added to the beds in front of the summerhouse. Also in this area are two handkerchief trees (Davidia involucrate), one just a sapling, otherwise known as the dove tree or ghost tree because of its stunning white bracts.

A New Zealand garden was startedĀ four years ago on a derelict piece of land behind the crib room near the cafe. This is becoming more established though some plants have been lost through the more severe winters that have been experienced recently.

This is just a fraction of the wonderful and surprising things that are waiting to greet the observant visitor to our gardens and we hope that you will take the time to savour all the sights the garden has to offer.

  • Enys Bluebells

    Enys Bluebells

    Bluebells in Parc Lye

  • Flower Garden

    Flower Garden

    Bridge of Flowers at Enys