2019 Season: Tuesday 2nd of April to 29th September

Bee Fair

The BEE Fayre will be held primarily inside Enys House and admission will also give you the chance to explore all of the lovely gardens.

Organiser of the BEE Fayre which has become a yearly event is local business BJ Sherriff: ” At BJ Sherriff we are becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of bees and it would seem that amongst the general public globally the concerns are the same and with this in mind we have organised our charity bee awareness day. With the help of knowledgeable beekeepers, who have volunteered to assist on the day, we are hopeful that many of the public’s questions can be discussed and answered as well as introducing people to the world of bees”.

Speakers, Stands and Children’s Activities

We have a jam-packed line up of exciting guest speakers over the course of the BEE Fayre, speaking on a range of topics. Our line-up for Saturday and Sunday will be revealed closer to the event – check back here for more details.

If you would like to volunteer on the day to help with the BEE Fayre, please get in touch with Charlotte – bjsherriff.marketing@gmail.com More information coming soon